5 Questions to Ask Your Pressure Washing Company

Finding a reliable and trustworthy pressure washing company and pressure washer services can be difficult. You have to know the right people and ask the right questions. It’s part of the dos and don’ts of the pressure washing industry.

Lucky for you, we pride ourselves on quality work, customer service, and trust. Let us explain these five questions you should ask your pressure washing company…

5 Questions to Ask a Pressure Washing Company

1. How Much Will This Job Cost?

The first thing you’re going to want to ask is the natural question, how much am I going to pay for this? We understand your concern and we will be able to give you a quote once we understand how big the job might be. If you’re asking us to pressure wash your concrete sidewalks and you have a lot of it, the job will take longer and consume more of our labor force, thus costing more. The price you’ll pay will all depend on the size/nature of job we do.

2. Does Pressure Washing Use a Lot of Water?

Pressure washers use less water than your garden hose. While you might be surprised by this answer, it’s all because of how they are designed to work. An average garden hose uses 8.55 gallons per minute and a pressure washer uses just 1.24 gallons of water per minute.

Pressure Washing Company

3. What Changes Will You See?

Are your fences gray? Do you notice residue building up on your concrete sidewalks or brick house? These can be easily removed by using a pressure washer. These are small changes that will look drastically better once our work is done. Most people don’t realize the build-up of dirt, calcium, and other outside debris on the exterior of their homes.

And remember, pressure washers are not strong enough to damage any fixtures in your home so there is nothing to worry about. It’s fundamentally and environmentally friendly to the outdoors so don’t worry about the surrounding areas of your home or the landscape of the area.

4. Can You Pressure Wash Gutters?

Yes, gutters can be pressure washed to remove buildup and debris. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize their gutters are clogged.

Signs of a clogged gutter include overflow after rain, dirt accumulation, and lack of drainage. Don’t let your gutter get to this point. By consistently getting your gutter pressure washed, you have the ability to prevent build-up before it happens.

5. How Long Will Pressure Washer Services Take?

The length of time the job will take to complete will vary depending on what kind of job you have. If you have a large job for us to complete then it will take longer than a smaller area to pressure wash. If you get pressure washing services done more consistently then there will be less residue to remove and the process will not take as long.

Learn about the five questions you should ask your pressure washing company the next time you get a quote for pressure washer services and save yourself time.