Best Time of Year to Pressure Wash

At ProClean Pressure Washing, we understand that finding the time to take care of your home can be tricky sometimes. That’s why we’ve put together this guide about the best time of year to pressure wash and the best time of year for gutter cleaning. Whether you need one or both of these jobs doing, you can be sure the team at ProClean will take care of your home and deliver the utmost customer care, quality and service, as well as sparkling clean guttering, sidings and weatherboards.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash?

This depends on the materials your sidings are made of, as well as their condition. You’ll need to pressure wash as soon as you spot an accumulation of mildew or grime and if you live in an area with a high amount of pollen dispersal, pressure washing may need to be quite frequent. If your sidings are made of vinyl, composite, or metal, then annual pressure washing is an ideal routine. Wooden sidings need to be pressure washed only when necessary to avoid damage to the material.

When Is the Best Time to Pressure Wash My House?

The ideal time is late spring. You’ll be able to tackle any large pollen deposits, plus it’s a good time to assess the exterior of your home for any other problems like rot, pests, or damage.

Pressure Washing Precautions

Pressure washing needs to be done with care. Too much can mean you damage the surface you’re trying to clean or increasing water ingress. It’s essential to use the right equipment and work at the correct distance. If in doubt, it’s worth considering engaging the services of a professional pressure wash team like ProClean. We’ll assess your home, consider all aspects including the degree of dirt and type of material. Our customers are our priority, so if we think there’s any danger that pressure washing will damage your home, we’ll suggest alternative ways to get everything sparkling again.

When Should I Clean Out My Guttering?

Keeping your gutters clear from leaves and debris is essential. If a blockage builds up, then pools of water are created that will spill back onto your roof and walls. This may cause significant damage. In addition, if the debris becomes too heavy with water, you may find the gutters are weakened to the point of collapse.

As a guide, you should aim to clear your gutters twice a year. The first clean should be in early spring to remove any leaves that have been shed during fall and winter, and again in late summer, to prepare your gutters for the winter. This can’t be set in stone of course, and your own home may have different needs. ProClean offers a complete gutter cleaning service and we’re happy to carry out a thorough inspection to advise of the best cleaning schedule.

At ProClean, we offer the very best in customer service, as well as honest advice you can really trust!