Does the Exterior of Your Business Reflect Your Dedication to Cleanliness?

Dedication to Cleanliness : When was the last time you freshened up your storefront? Here are 3 reasons why the cleanliness of your business’ exterior matters.

People draw conclusions about your brand based on how your business looks from the outside.

When you think about marketing your business, you probably think of billboards, ads, and flyers. But how your business looks from the outside speaks louder than perhaps all of those advertising channels combined. A cracked sidewalk or a dirty parking lot demonstrates an apathetic attitude. Clogged gutters overflowing with leaves and pine straw communicate neglect or forgetfulness. These are not characteristics you want people associating with your business. This is why it’s critical you prioritize cleanliness and keep your business’ exterior clean.

Customers want to feel welcomed when they approach your building.

Want to make a good first impression? Your customers may or may not give you their business based on the look of your exterior alone! So making your outdoor spaces appealing and inviting is extremely important! It doesn’t take a lot to make an impact, though. Get your parking lot pressure-washed, have your windows professionally cleaned, and make sure your light-up sign works! These are all cost-effective ways to keep your business looking fresh and welcoming.

Safety hazards need to be a top concern of yours as a business owner.

Be mindful of any potential hazards your customers may encounter as they approach your building. Is there algae growth on your sidewalk/entry steps? This is a fall/slip hazard and needs to be taken care of ASAP! (Unfortunately, all it takes is one unfortunate incident for a customer to sue you.) Cigarette butts, dirt, litter, and pollen deter customers as well; no one wants to smell or see any of that outside your business. Pay attention to these details and have a monthly upkeep plan in place for the exterior of your business.

If your brick and mortar needs repairs or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it could potentially turn off new customers and may even drive away the one you already have! Make storefront cleanliness a priority. It plays a critical role in your success and is, therefore, a valuable investment!