Can You Pressure Wash Pool Tiles?

Having a pool in your yard is fantastic, but it comes at a price – and we’re not just talking about the cost of installing it in the first place. Pool maintenance is important, whether you use it for exercise, relaxation, or throwing a pool party for your friends and neighbors.

As a trusted firm of quality pressure washing specialists, one of the questions we are often asked is: “Can you pressure wash pool tiles?” and the answer is: Yes! Of course, you might be wondering why you should hire a pressure washing firm in the first place, when you could try to tackle the problem yourself. These are some of the most common reasons you should always trust the professionals.

We Know What We’re Doing

Most swimming pools are laid with glazed ceramic tiles that look great and are easy to clean. However, they are much more fragile than brickwork and concrete and can easily break under a sustained, high-pressure jet. Here at ProClean, we’ve been cleaning pool tiles for years, so we know the right pressure of water to use to get the job done without damaging your tiles.

We Have the Right Equipment

As well as a pressure washer, cleaning your pool tiles requires the right tools for scrubbing away dirt, algae, and chemical residue, without damaging the tiles or mortar. Store-bought domestic pressure washers aren’t always up to the job and many households don’t have the right cleaning equipment and materials to give your pool the cleaning it needs. At ProClean, we us first-rate tools and materials from well-respected brands.

We Keep You Safe

Cleaning a pool is a messy job and it tends to leave your deck soaking wet. This can lead to a range of health and safety problems, from slippery surfaces around the pool deck, to soaked poolside furniture, and damaged electrical outlets. At ProClean, we put your safety and that of your family first. We make sure that any poolside electrical devices are covered or sealed and we put up signs warning any passers-by about the wet floor and the potential slipping hazard that it presents.

We Get the Job Done

Ever been halfway through a chore and decided to call it a day? A lot of people take that approach with cleaning their pools once they find out how labor-intensive it is. This means they end up doing half a job, which might as well be no job at all. Common problems include chemical residue from the pool water left on the tiles, or algae and other bio-organisms clinging to the mortar. When you hire ProClean to handle your swimming pool, you get an unbeatable service from start to finish.

If you want your pool and deck area pressure washed to perfection, call in the professionals. Get a free, no-obligation quote with ProClean Pressure Washing today!