Commercial cleaning by the experts

Keeping your commercial property in pristine condition is an excellent way to attract customers and show off your brand. Whether you're a retail business, an office, or any other commercial property, a professional, sparkling appearance is always the best first impression you can give. Whether you've moved to new premises or your existing property needs a clean, we're here to help.

From car parks to pathways outside high-traffic areas, walls to signage, our expert team at ProClean can leave your property spotless in next to no time. We cover everything from concrete to roofing to ensure a thorough and complete clean that extends the lifetime of your property and looks great in the process.

commercial pressure washer

Why hire a commercial pressure washer service?

As a commercial business, outsourcing your general cleaning is likely something you already do. Our commercial pressure washer services are the same thing. Instead of regular maintenance, we carry out deep cleans to restore your property to the best condition possible. If you keep your property spotless inside, we can make the exterior match.

A commercial pressure washer service covers a wide array of different tasks. As a multi-purpose service, anything from guttering to windows to walls and flooring can effectively clean using suitable equipment. At ProClean, we have a range of equipment from soft washing to intense power washing to suit your specific property's needs.

commercial pressure washer

Why Choose ProClean

As a reliable and trusted cleaning service in Birmingham, we're the ideal choice for your business needs. Our fast turnaround and practical approach to cleaning mean we cause the minimum of disruption, allowing you to get on with your day while we work on making your property look better than ever.

From small, regular cleans to a large-scale rejuvenation of previously abandoned or uncleaned properties, we do it all. Whether you're a commercial business owner or a commercial landlord, we work with you to ensure our results are crystal-clear on every single job.