Concrete Wash/Seal


Restore paths and drives to pristine condition

Concrete is one of the things we often forget to clean around properties. Whether it's a public footpath, a private drive, or a pathway into your yard space, most people don't notice just how dirty their concrete is until they see it against freshly cleaned or poured surfaces. Luckily, with expert help, restoring concrete to an immaculate condition is easier than you might think.

Discolored concrete isn't just a sign of years of use. Caked on dirt, dust, and even algae can cause problems with the grip of concrete surfaces, making them slippery – especially when wet. Pathways with signage painted on can also be entirely obscured from years of use. With an expert pressure washing service like ProClean, cleaning concrete to look new is as practical as it is affordable.

Concrete Wash

Why clean concrete?

Concrete that has been uncleaned for many years can be both a health and safety risk and a potentially costly future project if left unchecked. Not only is dirty concrete a slip hazard, but on drives and at the front of homes, stained and dirty concrete can instantly lower the curb appeal of any property. Cleaning concrete can ensure your property looks its best and your pathways are 100% safe for public use.

A combination wash and seal for concrete can provide a pristine finish and protect your surfaces for years of future use. With an expert two-in-one service, your concrete won't need replacing shortly. Pressure washing also removes any weeds that may cause damage to concrete surfaces, further extending their longevity.


Why Choose ProClean

We're the top choice for concrete washing and repair in Birmingham. With the latest pressure washing equipment to hand, our highly trained team can quickly and effectively carry out all concrete cleaning jobs. We deliver excellent results every time, and we go above and beyond to ensure every inch of concrete pathing, surfaces, and drives are thoroughly cleaned.

As experts in pressure washing, we're able to complete our work on time, every time. By outsourcing to our professional team, you don't need to worry about DIY cleaning, purchasing equipment, or learning how to pressure wash safely. You can sit back, let us do the work, and enjoy the results at the end of the day.