Dangers of Skipping Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing: We know that, in the current situation, funds for tasks around the home (or business) are often tight. Therefore, you create a mental list of jobs that can be put off or delayed for a while. One of these might be to arrange a regular pressure wash for your property. However, there is a range of reasons why this is not a wise decision. Let’s examine some of the most important ones.

Keeping Everyone Safe

From the top of the roof right down to the driveway or decking, a variety of potential hazards can exist. These problems range from dead animals in your guttering to the many contaminants that can quickly gather and settle on unwashed surfaces. Leaves can become slip hazards on pathways after rain and other unwelcome, toxic or even dangerous substances might stick to footwear. These can soon find their way inside your property.

Damage – And a Loss of Curb Appeal and Value

Any property that is not pressure washed on a regular basis can suffer a lot of damage. Starting up top, the growth of moss, algae, or lichens across a roof can lead to deterioration to either wood or tiles. If these surfaces are actually breached, then harmful rainwater, as well as ice or snow, can quickly find its way inside. This damage can also be an easy entry point for a range of pests.

The longer this damage is left unchecked, the more it is likely to lessen the value of the property itself. Naturally, this makes it less attractive to potential buyers should you decide to put your home on the market. The vital curb appeal you are hoping for is diminished. The property does not look as instantly habitable as potential buyers would want it to be. An untreated driveway or building immediately suggests there is work to be done should an offer be accepted. It’s human nature to wonder what else has been neglected.

Pressure Washing

Making Use of an Eco-Friendly Service

With all the negatives that can be caused by a failure to pressure wash a property, the actual process has some important positives. This is a means of cleaning property in a more environmentally friendly way. This is important because another drawback can be the use of harmful chemicals in other cleaning methods. Pressure washing does what the name suggests: it simply uses water (and limited amounts at that) to wash away all the grime, dirt, detritus, and substances that are currently attacking a property.

A Final Reason for Avoiding a Pressure Wash – And a Simple Solution

Frankly, when homeowners decide to carry out the work themselves, it can seem an expensive hassle. Hiring, or buying, equipment is a bind. Carrying out the task can be time-consuming. And, sadly, for too many people, actually dangerous.

The easy answer to all these negatives is to contact our team here at ProClean Pressure Washing.