Deck Washing


Deck in need of some TLC?

Whether you're getting your home ready for summer or you've just purchased a property that's gone unloved, using household cleaning products isn't enough to clean the average deck. With many homeowners forgetting the need to maintain and clean deck and patio areas, years of ingrained dirt, dust, and even bird droppings can leave your yard looking less than perfect.

That's where our specialist deck washing services come in. With pressure washing, stripping years of grime off decking and siding is quick and effortless. Our expert team at ProClean is the best choice for giving decking the attention it needs to look like new again with professional-grade cleaning services.

Deck Wash

Why do I need to clean my deck?

Beyond the hygiene and appearance of your deck, there are many reasons why you may want to carry out a deep clean. If you've purchased a property where the deck has been neglected, a thorough clean can ensure any contaminants and unhygienic materials are safely and effectively removed. This is especially important for properties that have pets, where waste is not cleared correctly.

The other reason it's so important to clean and restore decking is the safety issues that arise from mud, algae, mold, and dirt. When wet, these substances can instantly make your decking a slip hazard and cause real harm if left untreated. If you want your deck to be safe for the whole family, proper cleaning is a must.


Why Choose ProClean

With a large amount of experience in deck cleaning, ProClean has the expertise and reputation for carrying out work to the highest possible standards. Whether it's a small deck area or a wrap-around, we work with you to ensure your decking is clean, clear, and safe to use year-round.

You may be considering buying your own pressure washing equipment to DIY your deck clean. But our team at ProClean has access to professional-grade equipment and cleaning products, allowing us to provide a safer, better clean. With inexperience in deck cleaning, you may even cause more damage by taking on the job yourself.