Does Pressure Wash Help You Stay Healthy?

You probably don’t even want to even think about what sort of germs and grime you bring home each day. But most of us are looking for ways to stay healthy these days, and it just so happens pressure washing is good for your health!

Pressure Wash

Got germs?

If you were to swab your driveway or walkway with a residue test, what do you think you’d find? Just think of all the places you walk and drive. Perhaps you drove through a puddle on your way to the doctor’s office. Your shoes probably picked up a handful of germs while you were there for your appointment. Perhaps on your way back to your car, you stepped in dog urine or a piece of chewed gum. Then you climbed back into your car and drove home. You walked up to your house, tracking the wetness, the germs, and the urine along your cement walkway and then into your house. Later on that evening, your baby crawled on the floor, their bare hands picking up all that you tracked in. Their pacifier may fall, get contaminated with all you tracked in, and you pick it up and pop it right back into their mouth. Are you cringing yet?

Grime, grime, go away.

While most people think of pressure washing as a way of visually sprucing their exteriors up, pressure washing is a grime-buster too. While you may not be eating off of your walkways anytime soon, getting rid of the buildup on a regular basis can keep things like mold and bacterial growth at bay, which is always a healthy choice.

Tired of wondering how many germs and hazardous materials you’ve tracked onto your porch or driveway? Pressure wash your worry away. Contact us for a FREE estimate today!