Essential Tips for Pressure Washing Your Home

Slip and falls account for over 1 million emergency room visits in the USA annually. And many of these accidents occur outside.

Driveways and paths covered in dirt, moss, mold, or mildew are dangerous for everyone—tiny children, older adults, or those with disabilities. Keeping these areas clean and dry helps avoid the worst. And one way to do this is by pressure washing them regularly.

If you’re unsure how to pressure wash your property, check out these tips. They’ll give you the confidence boost you need to tackle the task.

Learn the Lingo

One of the best pieces of pressure washing advice we can give you is to take some time to learn the technical terminology. This will help you when renting or buying a pressure washer—you’ll know which is right for you.

Some key terms include:

  • PSI means pounds per square inch
  • BAR is a metric unit of pressure
  • GPM means gallons per minute
  • LPM mean liters per minute

These measurements are used to measure everything from the force of the water to how much moisture leaves the machine at any one time. Look them up online!

Get the Nozzle You Need

The performance of all pressure washers is dictated by the nozzle you fit. The surfaces organize nozzle types; they clean best.

Some nozzles work better for non-porous surfaces where you need a big jet of water to remove embedded grime. Other more fragile surfaces, like tiles, require a thin stream. You don’t want to clean, not damage, them!

Electric or Fuel?

Should you choose an electric-powered or fuel-powered pressure washer? You can find the best pressure washers in both categories. Your choice depends on your situation and where (or what) you need to clean.

Electric power washers work for smaller items, like bicycles, cars, or outdoor furniture. A fuel-powered washer is the most powerful option, so it works well for tough jobs like cleaning your roof or driveway.

Note the latter is typically the more expensive option.

Protect the Peripheries

When cleaning a home with a power washer, you need to protect anything you don’t want to damage. This includes your gardens, lawn, windows, and other fragile features.

To avoid this, ensure you point the nozzle directly to the surface you want to clean. Turn it off if you need to move to a new area.

You can purchase a special gentle nozzle designed for cleaning windows, but if you’re a pressure washing novice, it’s best to avoid windows altogether until you get more experience.

The Pressure Washing Tips You Need to Know

Pressure washing isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. Pressure washers can be dangerous if used by a beginner. From learning the technical terminology to knowing when to hire a pro, these pressure washing tips will prepare you for this everyday household chore.

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