Fence Washing


Fencing in need of a good clean?

If you're planning on renovating your garden or your current fencing needs a little extra care, hiring a professional fence pressure washing service is the place to start. Whether your fencing is just looking worn and tired or you're looking to prime the surface before painting, ProClean can ensure your fencing is sparkling clean and like-new.

From picket to panel fencing, our specialized fence pressure washing services allow us to clean every nook and cranny of your fence. Stripping away dirt, pollution, flora, and invasive algae and mold to reveal a beautifully clean fence underneath. A well-cleaned fence is a cared-for fence, and regular washing can make all the difference. For fence washing in Birmingham, we're the best choice in the area.

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Why clean my fencing?

You may be wondering why it's so important to keep your fencing looking clean. If you're serious about improving your curb appeal or considering selling your property, an attractive and clean backyard can make all the difference. Dirty fencing can easily make a home look neglected – especially if it hasn't been touched since it was first installed.

Not only does clean fencing look better, but keeping your fences in good condition can also help to extend their lifetime. That means less need for breakages in need of repair and a longer time before you need to replace your fencing entirely. A professional fence cleaning service is an excellent, cost-effective way to maintain fencing on your property.

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Why Choose ProClean

We're the experts when it comes to the practical and careful cleaning of fences. Using the best possible equipment on the market, our trained team can quickly and effectively wash all fencing types without any damage. Leaving you with sparkling results that you'll love.

Many homeowners consider investing in their own pressure washing equipment. But at ProClean, we do all the hard work for you at an affordable price. Using professional-grade equipment, we get the job done with no risk to your safety – providing beautiful, clean results without the up-front cost of buying your own equipment.