Gutter Cleaning: 4 Ways to Efficiently Clean Your Gutters

Did you know that clean gutters can increase the price your home sells due to aesthetics? Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, clean gutters have other crucial benefits.

In the summer, clean gutters ensure rain from summertime storms is effectively channeled into stormwater drains and away from your walls and foundations. In autumn and winter, gutter cleaning prevents leaf litter clogs, roof-damaging ice dams, and snow build-up.

Are you inspired to climb that ladder and get started on your gutters? Read on for tips to clean them correctly the first time around.

1. Get a Durable Ladder

The most important tool you need for cleaning gutters is a sturdy ladder.

The ladder needs to:

  • Be tall enough to reach your guttering system comfortably
  • Have a skid-resistant coating
  • Be made of metal or fiberglass rather than wood
  • Be extension-style

Get a partner to hold the ladder while you’re on it. Use ladder stabilizers if you’re still feeling a little queasy about getting up high. They grip the wall of your house, making the ladder even more sturdy.

2. Use a Garden Hose

gutter cleaning

While some prefer a leaf blower, a simple garden hose is all you need to clean your home gutters. So long, of course, that you do the task regularly so the drains aren’t severely clogged.

Once up on your ladder, point the hose directly inside the gutter. Start near a downspout to clear the way, then spray down along the guttering. Let the leaves and twigs move out over the guttering and onto the ground.

We are tidying them up after is another of our handy gutter cleaning tips!

3. Look for Signs of Wear

Once your clogged gutters are free from debris, it’s time to scrutinize the drain for signs of damage.

Check for:

  • Missing attachments
  • Tears
  • Holes
  • Leaks
  • Pests
  • Rotting roof boards or siding
  • Wobbly downspouts

Apply a waterproof silicon sealant to any areas that need patching. Be ready to call in the professionals if you need to replace missing or damaged parts.

4. Install Gutter Guard

If there are no gutter problems, you can install some gutter guards. Also called gutter covers or helmets, these nifty devices sit inside or atop your guttering system and prevent leaves or large pieces of debris from collecting inside.

The only downside to gutter guards is that they can cause water to overflow the gutter during hefty downpours. Consider cleaning more often if your area is subject to severe storms.

Why Gutter Cleaning Matters

From getting the hose ready to installing gutter guards, there’s a lot to consider before scaling that ladder for gutter cleaning.

This job isn’t for the unprepared—getting up near your roof can be dangerous. If you don’t feel confident to tackle the task, do the sensible thing and call the professionals.

Are you a homeowner in the Birmingham area who takes pride in the appearance of your home? We have years of experience cleaning gutters and helping you keep them that way.

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