How Clogged Gutters Can Destroy Your Home’s Foundation

With all the home maintenance tasks you have to keep up with as a homeowner, cleaning clogged gutters can easily end up at the bottom of your to-do list. But if you want to prevent costly foundation damage, you need to keep them clear.

Why clogged gutters are a problem

When gutters work as they should, they can effectively take rainwater and direct it off your roof, through the downspout, and away from the side of your home. But over time, gutters can get clogged with things like dead leaves, sticks, and pine needles, which stops the flow of water. Water will then run over the sides of the gutters causing water to leak and collect in pools in the soil surrounding your home. This pooled water creates numerous foundation problems including settling, cracks, mold growth, and even flooding!

How to protect your foundation

As always, preventing damage is better (and often cheaper) than paying for repairs. And thankfully, protecting your foundation is as easy as cleaning out your gutters twice a year.

While the process is fairly straightforward, climbing up on a ladder to complete the task may be challenging for homeowners depending on their health, age, or physical capability. Fortunately, ProClean doesn’t just handle cosmetic pressure washing. With our equipment and expertise, we can clear your clogged gutters and help you avoid foundation damage! Get a free estimate today!