How to Make Outdoor Furniture Last

If you’re looking forward to spending time in your garden this summer, you need to get your outdoor furniture ready! Whether you’ve just bought a new patio set or your wooden outdoor furniture is looking worse for wear, there are a number of ways you can make sure they last as long as possible. In this blog, we share some handy tips to keep your outdoor furniture looking great for many years to come.

Keep Your Patio Clean

To make sure your outdoor furniture lasts as long as possible, it’s important to keep your patio or decking clean, too. If dirt and debris accumulate on your patio, it can attract insects, mold, and mildew, which could all damage your outdoor furniture. Get a professional outdoor cleaning company to jet wash your patio for a clean and fresh surface to protect your garden furniture.

Cover Outdoor Furniture With Custom Covers

Another great way to make your outdoor furniture last longer is using vinyl covers to protect it. Make sure the covers you used are the right size for your outdoor furniture so water can’t pool or leak.

Professional Outdoor Cleaning

A professional jet wash can completely transform tired outdoor furniture and we can make sure your decking is cleaned too. At ProClean we use a range of power washing techniques to remove any dirt or debris from your garden furniture so it looks as good as new. A professional jet wash can be far more affordable than replacing garden furniture, with impressive and quick results.

Place Furniture in the Shade to Avoid Sun Damage

If you’re worried about your garden furniture losing its color in the sun, it can be a good idea to place it in a shaded area. Shaded areas can also prevent your backyard furniture from being damaged by bird droppings, debris, or bad weather. The sun’s UV rays can quickly lighten painted wooden furniture, so if you want your outdoor furniture to last, find a shaded spot to keep it safe.

Store Soft Outdoor Furnishings Separately

If you have beautiful seat covers for your outdoor furniture set, it can be a good idea to store them separately when not in use. Heat and dampness can cause cushions to develop mildew and mold, so bring them indoors when possible.

Keep Furniture as Clean as Possible

With proper care, outdoor furniture usually lasts around 10 and 15 years, so spending time making sure it is protected makes sense. A quick regular wipe down or clean in-between professional cleans can also improve the life of your furniture.

Avoid Standing Water

Standing water can be incredibly detrimental to outdoor furniture, accelerating rust on metal surfaces and rot on wooden surfaces. Make sure your patio can drain properly and that there aren’t any areas where water can pool. If heavy rain or storms have been forecast and you’re worried about your garden furniture, try to bring it indoors during the bad weather.

Whether you need fresh, sparkling decking or your outdoor furniture is looking tired, our professional jet washers in Birmingham will bring a new lease of life to your property.

If your outdoor furniture needs a professional clean, call ProClean Pressure Washing today at 205 382 3731.