Why ProClean Offers Pressure Washing Services Throughout Winter

Pressure Washing Services : Pressure washing is a seasonal service, right? Wrong! ProClean is open every month of the year. Contrary to popular belief, we offer pressure washing services throughout the winter and early spring, for both residential and business properties.

Why do you pressure wash exteriors in the winter?

Pressure Washing Services

The reason ProClean continues to offer customers excellent service year-round is simple. We know your homes and businesses accumulate dirt and grime, regardless of what month it is! Things like mildew love cool months like January, February, and March, so if your exteriors get damp in the winter, it’s even more important to keep them clean to prevent mildew growth. Additionally, winter months are a great time to invest in pressure washing items that are not seeing as much use such as decks and patios. This way, they can be fresh and clean when warmer weather arrives.

Is pressure washing throughout winter safe?

Some of our customers may be hesitant to have us pressure wash their surfaces during the winter months, for fear we will get hurt somehow. But rest assured, even though we have to take extra precautions when it’s cold out, we can safely pressure wash your exteriors no matter what season it is. What’s more, we make sure your surfaces are safe to walk on when the job is done.

Spring, summer, fall, and yes, even winter: through every season, ProClean is dedicated to keeping your homes and businesses clean and dirt-free. Call us today for a free estimate!