Roof Treatment


Keep your roof looking perfect

Roofing is one of the most challenging parts of your home to keep clean. Whether you're struggling to keep mold at bay or having difficulty with persistent dark marks, a roof cleaning and treatment service may be the best option to restore roofing to its former glory. Whether you're just starting to notice issues now or your roof has needed TLC for years, we're here to help.

Roof treatment and roof washing are some of those jobs that are best left to the professionals. With an expert team on-site, keeping your roof in top condition with no need for repair, replacement, or other care can save you a fortune over the years. At ProClean, we specialize in the treatment and extensive cleaning of roofing across the Birmingham area.

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Why treat and clean my roof?

If you want to extend the lifetime of your roofing and prevent costly bills, regular maintenance is a must to ensure your roof is working as it should. Hiring a professional service to clean your roof regularly is an excellent first start. At ProClean, we go the extra mile with long-lasting roof treatments to keep algae, mold, and other nasty substances at bay.

As one of the most inaccessible areas of the home, forgetting about your roof can be easy. But with regular care and treatment, you can help protect your whole house against damage and problems further down the line. By working with an expert team, you can ensure every part of your house is in top condition – with the roof as your number one priority.

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Why Choose ProClean

As experts in roof treatments and cleaning, we're the best choice for you in the Birmingham area. Our expert and highly trained team has access to the equipment necessary to complete the perfect clean. We always aim to carry out our work with the minimum possible disruption, and you can trust us to achieve excellent results every time.

With extensive experience in roofing work, we're able to carry out all treatment and cleaning jobs quickly and effectively to remove staining, strip away pollution, and leave your roof in pristine condition. For excellent curb appeal, we're the team you want on the job.