Signs of Clogged Gutters

Signs of Clogged Gutters: Most people simply don’t like cleaning their gutters. That’s because the task is usually messy, unpleasant, thankless, and sometimes even dangerous. However, gutter cleaning is one of the chores you can’t afford to ignore as neglect can lead to some very serious damages to your home and family. For example, clogged gutters can lead to leaks that can damage your roof, or the resulting moisture buildup can attract pests and insects that can cause illnesses. The best way to avoid these and other problems is to have your gutters cleaned regularly.

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There Are Tiger Stripes on Your Gutters.

Tiger stripes are dull black or brown lines that form at the front of your gutter. They typically start at the lip of the gutter and stretch down the side. The striped discoloration occurs when there is a buildup of dust or dirt on the gutter. When moisture from either rain, dew, or other forms of precipitation combines with the dust, they form a grimy solution that trickles on the face of the gutter, causing the stripes to form. You can prevent the formation of tiger stripes by having your gutters cleaned regularly by professionals.

There Are Insects and Birds Around Your Gutters.

Stinging insects like hornets, wasps, and bees are the most common inhabitants of clogged gutters. Bees in particular are attracted to moisture since it represents a water source necessary for their survival and a necessary ingredient to make honey. Birds, however, love the clogged leaves and twigs because they make excellent building blocks for nests. If you start noticing insects and birds gathering around your gutter, it’s time to call a gutter cleaning service to clean the drainpipe and spout.

The Gutter is Starting to Bend and Sag.

This usually happens when the gutter is blocked by leaves and twigs, preventing water from draining. The extra weight of the water plus corrosion causes the material to weaken and bend. The solution is to have your gutters regularly inspected to ensure they remain in top condition.

Plants Are Growing Out of Your Gutters

When gutters aren’t cleaned for a while, the leaves, twigs, and dust accumulation can form fertile soil. When birds or insects drop seeds into the gutter, they find an excellent environment to grow and plants develop over time. Plants growing out of your gutter is a sure-fire sign your gutter is in dire need of a makeover.

Your Gutter Overflows After a Storm

One of the main reasons for this is the accumulation of leaves, small sticks from broken tree limbs, shingle granules, and even plastic bags clogging the downspout and preventing the water from draining. To avoid this, have your gutter checked regularly to avoid water damage and expensive roof repairs. Have you noticed any of the signs above? Then it’s time to get your gutters cleaned.

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