Spring Cleaning: Your 2023 Outdoor Guide

Did you know that Americans spend around 23 hours each month on housework? While you might not be looking to add to your existing load, you do need to get serious about certain cleaning tasks when springtime rolls around. And that’s especially true for the outside of your home.

Read on to find a 2023 guide to spring cleaning!

Clean Your Gutters

Make cleaning your gutters a staple on your spring cleaning checklist. It’s critical to do this task because leaves, sticks, and other debris can clog your gutters. And if you don’t clear them out, you’ll be inviting birds and pests to take up residence in your gutters and on your roof.

Plan on hiring professionals to tackle this job for you. After all, the last thing you want to do is fall off a ladder trying to access your gutters. Instead, turn to pressure washing companies in Birmingham AL to get the job done well. 

Pressure Wash Your Outdoor Surfaces

When you’re focusing on home exterior cleaning, don’t overlook the main surfaces of your property. This can include siding, patios, or decks. Grime cakes up on surfaces and can make your home look dull.

Pressure wash siding, beginning at the top, to brighten your home. Sweep your garage and recoat your floor if needed. Finally, wash your windows to remove filmy dust from the surfaces.

Inspect Your Roof 

After winter storms and early spring storms roll through town, your roof might be damaged. Once the weather clears, take time to look for signs of damage.

For instance, you may notice missing or curling shingles. Or the flashing may have come loose. Call a professional roofer to handle repairs before you encounter any water leaks. 

Spring Cleaning

Get Your Outdoor Furniture Ready

Part of your spring cleaning ritual should include setting up your patio furniture for the summery months ahead. Pull them out of storage and clean them with water and a solution that works for outdoor furniture.

You may need to wash throw pillows and wipe down area rugs, too. Remove cobwebs and other signs of debris from outdoor seating areas so your guests have a great space to gather. 

Prep Your Garden Space

Whether you’re a regular gardener or a first-timer, spring is the time to get started with gardening. If you have window boxes or designated garden areas, get rid of dead leaves and weeds. Introduce new soil or compost and trim back overgrown areas.

Then start planting! You’ll be able to welcome warm weather with stunning flower beds. Or you’ll be able to harvest vegetables like lettuce and carrots as the summer months approach.

Make Spring Cleaning a Priority

Start off strong with your spring cleaning efforts to keep your property in good shape. Pressure wash surfaces and clean the gutters to avoid water back-ups and leaks. And start setting up your outdoor spaces so you’ll be ready to relax and entertain guests. 

When you’re ready to get help making your home’s exterior look its best, contact us so we can help!