The Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing Nobody Warns You About

DIY Pressure Washing: Pressure washing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to clean your home’s exterior. You can use pressure washing to remove dirt and debris from your siding, porch, fence, driveway, and more. Trying to DIY pressure wash the outside of your house can be tempting. However, DIY pressure washing can cause more damage than it’s worth. You should always be aware of the potential dangers of DIY pressure washing.

High-pressure water can cause injury

If you haven’t used a pressure washer before, you’ll find that the hose is tough to control. The water is far stronger than you would be used to with a traditional garden hose and is forceful enough to cause serious injury. If you happen to lose control of the stream and point it at yourself or another person, you could easily send them to the hospital with muscle or bone damage. If any open wounds on the skin get hit with high-pressure water, you could also end up with a bacterial infection. The high water pressure can open up even the smallest wounds and send all the chemicals from the water directly into the body.

Pressure washing can damage your home and belongings

DIY Pressure Washing

The high-pressure water doesn’t only have the potential to hurt you – it also can seriously damage your home and anything else that might come into contact with the water. When misused, this high-pressure water can cut through paint and sealants, creating uneven and unstable surfaces. You could also end up inadvertently damaging your car or any other items that you have stored outside. Attempting to pressure wash your home yourself could end up costing much more in repairs and medical bills than you would pay for professional pressure washing. 

DIY pressure washing puts you at risk for electric shock

Most pressure washers use power cables, and if there’s any damage to the power cords, it’s easy for some of the water to make contact with electrified wire. This puts you and anyone around you at risk for electric shock while using the pressure washer. Professional pressure washing services take steps to remove the risk of electric shock while they’re working, like using a circuit interrupter with their sockets. It’s much more challenging to do this without professional experience, so it increases your chances of getting injured.

DIY pressure washing is very dangerous and is something you should avoid. Not only could you damage your property, but you could also injure yourself and others around you. It’s much more affordable to pay for a pressure washing service instead of having to pay for the damages caused by doing it yourself. Instead, find the best pressure washing in your area to come and handle the task professionally. Expert pressure washing is an excellent investment for your home that will get it looking great in no time.