The Dos and Don’ts of Pressure Washing

Dos and Don’ts of Pressure Washing: Here at ProClean, we are experts when it comes to pressure washing, delivering fantastic results, and excellent customer service on every job. With years of experience in the business, we know a thing or two about operating a pressure washer and what surfaces it can safely be used on. In this article, we look at those pressure washing jobs that anyone can do, as well as those that most people shouldn’t even attempt.

The Dos of Pressure Washing

These are some of the most common types of pressure washer jobs. These are the ones that anybody can do if they have the right equipment and are prepared to invest some time and effort. We still recommend that you hire a professional pressure washing firm to get the very best results.

House Exteriors:

Nothing gives your home a new lease of life like a good pressure cleaning. Most power jets can be used safely on brickwork and vinyl sidings, blasting through the dirt and grime.

Wood Decks:

If you have a wooden deck or patio then a proper cleaning doesn’t just make it more pleasing to the eye, it’s also good safety practice. Wooden decks can quickly become coated in mildew, algae, and other bio-organisms following rainfall. A powerful, heated pressure washer soon gets rid of them.

Concrete or Tile Patios:

Of course, some people prefer concrete or tiles for their patios and pool area, and we can appreciate that. Whichever surface you favor most, you need to make sure it is pressure washed properly. It’s only once you start cleaning your patio that you realize just how big it is. That’s why so many choose to trust a commercial pressure washing firm to do the job for them.

Driveways and Garage Floors:

Let’s face it, few places get as dirty as your driveway or garage floor. Between tire marks, oil spills, and engine grease, they can end up grimy, really quickly. This is one of the most popular pressure washing jobs we are called out to deal with, as our customers know they need our high-end equipment and expertise to do it right.

Dos and Don'ts of Pressure Washing

The Don’ts of Pressure Washing

The following items are things that you should not attempt to clean with a pressure washer. Or rather, you should hire an experienced pressure-washing firm like ProClean to do the job for you. Even if you’ve used a pressure washer before, these jobs are best left to the professionals.

Wood Sidings:

If you use a pressure washer on too high a setting, it can seriously damage your wood sidings. It can get under the exterior surface, soaking the insulation, shorting the electrical wiring, and encouraging mold growth.


Pressure washing your roof can be really dangerous, and we don’t recommend it to anybody who has never done it before. Over the years we’ve been pressure washing, and we have racked up plenty of experience working at heights, so we know what we’re doing to keep ourselves and your roof safe.

Painted Surfaces:

If you pressure wash a painted surface, it’s good odds that you’re going to wash off the paint as well. If that was the plan, then fair enough. If you wanted to just clean the paintwork, however, you should hire some experts who can do the job safely.

Here at ProClean, we follow all of these dos and don’ts, when it comes to pressure washing. If you’d rather leave the job in the hands of professionals you can trust, look no further. Contact us today!