Top 5 People a Realtor Should Know and Why

As a realtor, your goal is to find and sell incredible properties for your clients. To provide exceptional real estate services for your clients, you’ll need to have a team of contacts that you can rely on. When you’re an integrated part of your community, it’s easier to find hot properties and sell them to great people. Here are the top 5 people a realtor should know and why they’re so important.

Pressure Washing Expert

When selling a property, a realtor needs to take steps to make sure it’s in excellent condition. You’ll want to work with a local business that can help you keep your property’s exterior surfaces, such as driveways, paving, and siding looking great. Sprucing up the exterior of a property can help you better appeal to your clients and make a sale more quickly.

Before Pressure Washing
After Pressure Washing

Interior Maintenance Expert

Like you’ll need to know someone that can take care of the outside of your properties, you’ll also need to know a reliable person that can handle taking care of the inside. Sometimes this is more than one person – a plumber, an electrician, or a construction specialist. Establish a relationship with a local maintenance agency to take care of any problems that come up while selling your property.

Marketing Specialist

No matter how amazing your properties are, you won’t make sales if potential customers can’t find them. This is where a marketing specialist comes into play. They can help you find online listing sites for your properties, place ads for your services, and develop social media profiles for further promotion. Working with a marketing professional will help you reach potential clients more effectively and develop a sharp brand image.


Another critical aspect of promoting yourself and your properties is taking good photos of them. Working with a professional photographer is key to attractively capturing your properties. Their knowledge of lighting and framing will produce images that make the property look its best. You can use these photos in listings and on social media to promote your properties. Good photos are often the first thing that draws a potential buyer in, so they’re worth putting effort into.

Financial Adviser

Just like any other business, a realtor needs someone to manage the books. It’s helpful to work with a financial adviser who specializes in real estate to help you come up with a long term plan for managing your finances. Financial experts can also help with taxes and other complex business decisions. When you’re selling properties, you’re working with large sums of money, which is why it’s helpful to work with a financial adviser to sort things out.

As a realtor, it’s imperative to make sure you have connections in your community to help make sales and maintain your properties. If you’re just getting started in the industry, you’ll want to network with the professionals you work with frequently to develop a long-term relationship.