Why Is the Side of My Home Turning Green?

Why Is the Side of My Home Turning Green? If the exterior of your home is typically a nice, eggshell white but lately it’s been looking green, it isn’t the paint or siding itself that is turning green. Green growth (living organisms!) is actually taking root on the outside of your home.

Why Is the Side of My Home Turning Green?

Types of growth

While the thought of things growing on the side of your home isn’t exactly pleasant, it’s good to know what types of growth might be taking place. A couple of common culprits include:

  • algae
  • lichen
  • moss
  • mold

Growth is not only visually displeasing but also, if left untreated, can cause long term damage to your home.

What causes growth

Green growth on your home’s exterior can be caused by several factors, including (but not limited to) moisture, dirt, shade, and warmth. These are all things that plants need to grow! So if the outside of your home has any/all of these elements, the conditions are ideal for things like algae and mold to take root and multiply.

How to remove the “green stuff” from your siding

The best way to remove the growth from your vinyl siding is to use a combination of soap and either scrubbing or pressure washing. While scrubbing with special soap can be an effective means of getting the growth off the side of your home, pressure washing is definitely an easier and more efficient removal method.

We do NOT recommend DIYing this project, however, as improper pressure washing can sometimes damage the siding. Talk to a pressure washing professional today!