Why You Should Get Your Roof Cleaned

Why You Should Get Your Roof Cleaned? How often do you really look at your roof? We don’t mean a casual glance as you arrive home, but take a proper look? Roofs are very often taken for granted until it’s too late and serious problems present themselves. Cleaning your roof and guttering is one part of home maintenance that is often overlooked. Of course, it’s equally important for commercial properties. While rainwater can often remove dirt, bigger problems need to be professionally dealt with. Let’s look at four key reasons why it’s wise to look after your roof.

Offering Maximum Ongoing Protection

Accumulated debris and detritus can gather, either on the roof itself or in the guttering. The more this happens, the higher the level of damage is likely to be caused. This might simply be leaves from overhanging branches, but decayed fruit or even dead animals can quickly become lodged into a gutter. Growth of algae, often transported by the wind, or fungus or moss can start to eat into the surface itself. This then causes rot to form in the wood, or tiles cracking, and the actual surface itself can soon become compromised. Lichens, where fungus and algae combine, create root-like tentacles that can spread across a roof that isn’t cleaned on a regular basis.

Preventing Internal Damage to Your Property

Once a roof is less able to offer the protection it should for the rest of the property, the more damage can be done to other parts of the building. Cracks or gaps allow moisture to seep through during temperate times, and ice during colder seasons, to enter into the fabric of the property. This soon starts to degrade its strength and appearance.

A Cash-Saver Compared to the Alternative!

Making sure both roof and guttering areas are clean involves a cost. But this is much less than repairing the internal damage mentioned above. And even that may be substantially lower than the expense of replacing part or all of a roof that has been sadly neglected.

To Keep Your Property Looking Its Best

Many people do keep their walls, driveway, or decking clean. They also keep their garden under good control. But then forget to make sure the roof remains a proud part of their property. Obviously, if you intend to sell your home, either now or in the future, making sure the roof and guttering are in good order is vital. It can affect the value you can ask for and is an important aspect of curb appeal for prospective buyers. Apart from that, owners like to be proud of their home, knowing that, as others look at it, it is a reflection of their standards.

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