Why Your Wood Fence Turned Gray and How to Fix It

A wood fence is a great way to add a beautiful rustic look to your front yard. However, over time your elegant wood fence can start to turn gray, which is a less than appealing look. This is a widespread problem, and several things cause it. Luckily, there are solutions that you can use to fix it. Here’s why wood fences turn gray and how you can get them looking brand new again.

wood fence

Causes of a gray fence

One of the biggest reasons for your fence turning gray is the sun. The sun’s UV rays erode the outer layer of the wood, which gives it its lovely color. Once the outer layer of the wood has started to decay, it makes it difficult for the wood to produce its natural oils, so it will begin to dry out and lose color. There are fence stains that you can use to prevent the wood fence from losing color, but if the stain isn’t strong enough, it could still cause color loss.

Water also affects the color of your fence. Over time, it causes the wood to rot, which also removes its stain. When the fence is damp, it becomes a target for mold and mildew, which makes the fenceless stable and erodes its color even further. Fences often turn gray when they are in areas that get lots of rain or snow because it’s challenging to keep them dry.

How to fix a gray fence

It’s relatively easy to fix an unattractive gray fence, so don’t worry if yours is starting to lose color. First, you’ll want to find the best pressure washing service possible, which will remove dirt, debris, and anything else that might be stuck on the fence. After you’ve thoroughly pressure washed your wood fence, let it dry and apply a wood brightening product. These are readily available at home and garden stores, and they give your fence a brighter appearance that mimics the look of fresh wood. After the wood brightener has set, you’ll need to make sure you apply a protective stain and sealant. These will protect the gray color from coming back in the future.

To prevent your fence from losing color in the first place, you’ll want to apply a stain and sealant soon after you get it. You’ll also want to take steps to keep the fence as dry as possible by clearing off any snow. Reapply your stain every few years, even if the fence still looks fresh. Repeat applications will further protect the fence.

Don’t stress if your wood fence starts to turn gray. Although it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it is a problem that is relatively simple to fix and to prevent from recurring. A good pressure washing session and brightening treatment will have your fence looking beautiful again. Your fence is an integral part of your home’s curb appeal, so don’t neglect it if you start to notice the color changing.