Will Pressure Washing Ruin My Deck?

Is your wood deck dirty? Is it covered in moss and algae?

If so, you probably want to clean it. However, do you know the best method to do this? If not, it may be time to look into hiring pressure-washing companies in Birmingham, AL.

Before moving forward, you may wonder, will pressure washing ruin a deck? This is a good question and one you should consider carefully.

Keep reading to find out how to clean your deck safely with a pressure washer.

Why Pressure Washing is a Smart Deck Cleaning Option

Usually, choosing to wash your deck with a pressure washer is safe and effective. With this method, you can eliminate impurities and stains in the wood.

However, if the process isn’t done properly, the pressure washer can cause the wood to erode. Because of this, you need to learn how to do this safely or hire professionals.

Some tips to help you safely and effectively pressure wash your deck without causing damage can be found here.

Use the Right PSI

The right PSI must be used if you want to wash your deck using a pressure washer. This will ensure deck damage does not occur.

For decks made of softwoods like cedar or pine, use a PSI or 500 to 600. However, hardwood decks can handle a higher PSI of 1200 to 1500.

Select the Right Nozzle

Pressure Washing

Using the right pressure washer nozzle also matters. The nozzle you choose will determine how well your deck is cleaned.

When cleaning wood, try to use a rotating tip or fan tip. Apply the water pressure about 18 inches (no more than 12 inches) from the deck.

Since wooden decks aren’t as strong as bricks and concrete, choose a wide-angle nozzle for the best results.

Check the water pressure while the nozzle is pointed away from people and glass. Safety is a top priority when using a pressure washer.

Technique Matters

The right technique also matters when pressure washing your deck if you want to avoid damaging it.

The right technique is to push the water across the surface of the deck by using a sweeping motion. Keep at least a foot of space between the nozzle and the deck’s surface.

Move your wand with the wood grain to avoid any rippling.

Hire the Best Pressure Washing Companies in Birmingham, AL, to Clean Your Deck

There’s no question that pressure washing is a great way to get your deck clean and new looking.

However, if you plan to do this yourself, you must use the right tools and methods for the best results. If you aren’t confident that you can handle this alone, let the best pressure washing companies in Birmingham, AL handle the job for you.

Do you need help or more information? If so, contact us today. We offer free estimates so you will know the cost of our services.