Your 2022 Outdoor Cleaning Guide

Outdoor Cleaning Guide: Cleaning your home is sometimes a complicated and time-consuming. It’s not always easy to find the time to clean your property or to know the correct cleaning procedures for different items and systems in your home. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor cleaning. Many people will save the bulk of their outdoor cleaning for the start of the new year, ensuring their garden looks as good as possible for when the warm weather arrives. If you want to ensure your home and garden look picture-perfect in 2022, follow this useful guide.

Start From the Top

When cleaning an outdoor space, it is often advisable to start from the top of a property and work your way down. For example, you may wish to begin your cleaning project by cleaning your gutters and work your way down to other deep cleaning tasks such as cleaning windows and windowsills. Guttering is essential to the proper functioning of a home and should be cleaned by a professional, this will ensure your guttering does not become broken or blocked due to incorrect cleaning and clearing.

If you decide to clean your windows yourself, ensure you follow all ladder safety guidelines and never take safety risks. If you cannot comfortably reach all of the exterior windows on your home, consider hiring a professional window cleaning service.

Freshen up Your Outdoors

Once the important areas of your property have been cleaned, you should look at smaller cleaning tasks that will refresh the exterior of your home. Some of these tasks may include cleaning up and around your mailbox and changing or cleaning a welcome mat. You’ll want to consider planting new flowers or rezoning and trimming your garden. Painting any fences or fixtures also adds a nice clean touch. Last but not least, consider taking down and cleaning any flags or statues and replacing what’s broken. While these may seem like small tasks, when completed they can truly change the appearance of your outdoor space.

Finishing Touches

Sweeping and power washing your porch really help to improve the look and livability of your outdoor space. Before you pressure wash your paving or patio, you should consider sweeping away any rubbish or winter debris around the property. Power washing can return paving and stone slabs to a like-new appearance and add extra cleanliness to your home. Buying or renting a power washer can be expensive, and it can be a time-consuming task to complete. Often, the best option is to hire pressure washing services as this is a cost-effective and stress-free alternative to trying to complete it yourself.

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